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Facial Choose from 5

No gimmicks or hard sell to receive and truly enjoy a fresh new feel on your face. With full satisfaction after every session, we will even give you a welcome gift as you become a new member of our Maskabeauty clientele BOOKING CLICK HERE    
    Only $38 instead of $197 for 90 minutes facial which includes + face and shoulder massage

Best Facial Treatment in Singapore

Choose 1 from 5 available facial treatments:     
1. Exfoliating Clogged Pores Facial Treatment : Deep cleansing to remove impurities from pores- allows for skin to breathe better post treatment 
Anti-Aging Facial Treatment :
 specially formulated with antioxidants to firm up the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles; suitable for aging and     saggy skin 
Anti-Pigment Facial Treatment :
 brightens and evens out skin tone with whitening properties 
Anti-Acne Facial Treatment
formulated with tea tree extracts to calm raging acne, reduce redness and lighten acne scars 
Re-hydrating Dry Skin Facial Treatment :
quenches dry skin and firm up skin for instant skin hydration and radiance

Free : Enjoy a 15 minutes face and shoulder massage as part of the treatment, which encourages blood flow and lymphatic drainage, while relieving stress Free Dark Circle eye treatment  Rejuvenates tired eyes and lightens dark eye circles and fine lines by boosting blood circulation

我们最乐意为您提供舒适的服务致电6453 1076​没有尝试过我们Maskabeauty的服务?没有噱头,你会收到并真正享受你的脸上新鲜的新感觉。在每届会议结束后,我们将会非常满意,当您成为我们的Maskabeauty客户的新成员时,我们甚至会给您一个欢迎礼物。 90分钟的面部护理仅需$ 38而不是197美元,脸部和肩部按摩​从5种可用的面部护理中选择


免费:享受15分钟的脸部和肩部按摩作为治疗的一部分,鼓励血液流动和淋巴引流,同时缓解压力 自由黑眼圈治疗通过增加血液循环,恢复疲惫的眼睛,减轻黑眼圈和细纹 此优惠的条款和条件:- 18岁以上- 仅限首次使用客户