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Anesi Facial

Want to have a feeling of a flawless complexion for days?

Try the recently formulated and dramatic AQUA VITAL RENEWAL facial which has great benefits such as Cellular Hydration and more!

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  • Improve Skin Hydration 
  • 改善肌肤水合作用
  • Cellular Hydration (Micro absorption of moisture through cell walls
  • 滋润表皮(防止水分蒸发)
  • Hypodermis Hydration (deep skin layer hat is often neglected)
  • 滋润细胞(通过细胞壁吸收水分)
  • Epidermis Hydration (prevent moisture evaporation)
  • 细胞排毒(清除细胞内积累的毒素)
  • Cellular Detoxification (removal of accumulation toxins inside the cells)
  • 滋润皮下组织(往往被忽视的深层皮肤)
  • Improves Cellular Oxygenation
  • 帮助细胞呼吸,充氧

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